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Download MX Player APK 1.9.5 Latest Version APP

MX Player APK: In the current scenario, most of the common people are across the globe using android devices. It has become viral among the people in terms of using the technology. We all know that smart phone devices are having an option to download and playing the videos. It is also the common thing when coming to watch the movies on your device. But one must admit that, if you are watching the video on your phone, is there any possibilities to adjust the video as per your convenience. Most of the smart phone devices don’t have any other options to boost the video in a different dimension.

File Name: MX Player APK

Latest Version: 1.9.5

Last Updated: July 23, 2017

Apk Size: 15.46 MB

App by: J2 Interactive

Download Latest Version:

But somehow, it is a possibility with the help of video playback application. This amazing video playback application is known as MX player APK app. If you aren’t aware of the apk files, you must know before getting into the downloading process. This is the app that you can easily visit the Google PlayStore and download it. But when coming to apk files, you will get additional features as a package. It is quite different from the ordinary MX player app. If you are keenly waiting to know about this app can follow the below stuff. Hope it will be useful to know more about this great playback application.

Important things about MX Player

MX Player APK

By using this application, you can watch your favorite video as per your convenience. Yes, you can adjust the video by different categories. You can adjust the brightness, volume, forward/reverse, next/previous by just rubbing over the screen. Also, the user can pinch the screen to zoom in and out. This will bring you the great sound quality experience as well. All you just need to download on your device. It also consumes very less memory and free to download on any type of android devices.

Important Features of MC Player APK

The features of this great video playback application have plenty in numbers for the users to make use of it. Let’s have a look on interesting features of this app here

  1. Boosting Audio

Generally, the users can high the volume of the video up to certain limit. But, by using this option, anyone can boost the volume from certain limitations to a high level. It will always give you the best audio quality.

  1. Streaming network

Whenever you are trying to play the videos on sites, it will automatically connect to this MX player. We know that most of the sites will provide the low-quality video platform to watch by the users. But with this amazing app, you can bring that internet video to play as per your convenience.

  1. Subtitle support

It is just the craziest feature that most of the apps don’t have. We usually watch the videos with subtitles on a wider screen like TV, PC and more. But here you can easily download the subtitles and attach to the video. You can also change the subtitle fonts and color according to your interest.

  1. Supporting Formats

This playback app will mainly support all type of formats. Also, it will highly support the HD resolution videos. The user can also play the video by zooming out, fit to the screen and more. However, it consumes more battery power.

Downloading and installation process of MX Player APK

We know that downloading this application is quite easy from Google PlayStore. But, this extra featuring apk application can only download from sites. To download this apk file app, you need to follow some of the important steps here. Hope, these steps will be helpful for all the users that who all are seeking for a long time.

  1. Firstly, the users should visit the official website of apk file to download.
  2. Before going to download this apk file of MX player, you need to check out that your device has an enough memory.
  3. After the above process is done, the users can visit the settings then go to security. Once entered the security, click the enable option for Unknown “sources”.
  4. Now the device is ready to allow any type of apk file to your device for free. One must be sure that it will not harm your device as well.
  5. Once it is downloaded on the device, click the install button to store on your device.
  6. Now, the MX player is ready to use on your device for free.

How to download on PC?

When coming to PC, we always use VLC player as playback software. Sometimes, it will not support the video format. In this condition, we can bring this android app on your PC for fluent playback video. Yes, it is highly possible to download on your PC at free of cost. All you just need to follow the Android emulator. With the support of emulator, you can easily download MX player app on your PC. Let’s find the way for simple steps here.

  1. The user can visit the emulator and download the best emulator called BlueStacks.
  2. Try to get the latest version to support all the type of apk files.
  3. Make sure about the memory space on your PC.
  4. Now click the emulator by visiting the site and wait for few minutes to complete the downloading process.
  5. Once the downloading process is over, open the setup and click the install button to done with the installation process.
  6. After the above process is over, you can click to open and search for MX player to install on your PC.
  7. Finally, click and download this playback video app on PC.

These are the above simple steps that you can easily follow and download this app on your system without any difficulties.


So people who all are looking for the best video experience on their phone can prefer this amazing application at any time. The major highlight of this application is the subtitle. So, whenever you want to watch any language with subtitles can watch on your phone. If you aren’t interested with subtitles, then you can also off it. This simple user interface app is one of the best apps to use for video playback at anytime.

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