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Geometry Dash APK 2.1 Download for Android, Apple & PC

What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a popular game and you can download Geometry Dash APK file on ApkPure. Nowadays, Smartphone games have become an integral part of the phones as most of the users spend a considerable amount of time playing such games. Targeting the increased number of game lovers, the developers are coming with the new and advanced level of games that can amaze the users with their performance. The Geometry Dash is a game that falls in the category of best premium games that can be played on all the different platforms. This game requires the users to guide a square through an extremely changing environment where a lot of obstacles will come in their way. This music filled game can make you stay with your smartphones for a long time. Here we will share you the details about complete features of the Geometry Dash APK along with the steps to download it in the different type of devices.

File Name: Geometry Dash

Latest Version: 2.1

Last Updated: June 21, 2017

Apk Size: 78.61 MB

App by: RobTop games

Download Latest Version: Geometry Dash APK 2.1 Download

Features of Geometry Dash APK

For an app to become popular and favorite of people Worldwide, it should come with some of the really good features that are expected from a premium smartphone game. The Geometry Dash 2.1 APK is found to be very strong in this part. Let us have a quick overview of some of the most important features of this app.

Geometry Dash APK

  • Strong Graphical Skills – Graphics are the most important factor of any games that can make it likely or unlikely for the users. Being aware of this fact, the developers of the Geometry Dash Game had taken some special care in this section. This high-end graphical capability is one of the strongest reason behind the success of this app. This feature can make the players enjoy a real-life experience throughout the game.
  • Amazing Background Audio Track – A major highlight of the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK is the excellent background music that will play all throughout the way during the different levels of this game. A combination of the tough movements along with this music provides the users with an awesome smartphone gaming experience.
  • Hard but Challenging Obstacles – A real game lover is a person who likes to play the games that raise the maximum level of challenge to them. The Geometry Dash game proved to be a very good pick for such people. The different type of obstacles that come throughout the games makes it hard for the players to move ahead. However, playing in the right way with the right thought can make you overcome these obstacles.
  • Different Levels with Changing Obstacles – The success in each level of this game provides you with a new level which requires different tactics from to pass through. The increase in the number of Geometry Dash APK Download is mainly because of the variety that they have provided in each level. This prevents the users from getting bored by playing in a similar way throughout the game.

How to Download Geometry Dash APK 2.1?

Coming as a legitimate app for the Android devices, the Geometry Dash APK is available for the users to download from the Google Play Store. The only thing that the users should be aware during the Geometry Dash APK download is that this is a premium app. This app requires the users to pay $1.9, if they want to download it from Google Play Store. There are a lot of third party app stores that provide this app to the Android users for free. However, we recommend the users to only purchase it from the in-built app store of your Android devices. Even if you need to pay a small amount to download the Geometry Dash APK from there, they can provide a good level of security.

The latest Android version of the Geometry Dash game available for download is the v2.100. The developers of this game RobTop Games has included some very good features in the game with the release of this new version.

Geometry Dash for iPhones and iPads

Users who are searching for the Geometry Dash Game for their Apple devices can download it from the Inbuilt iTunes Store. The premium version of the Geometry Dash is available for the iPhone and iPad users at a price of $2.49. Considering the excellent gaming experience this game can provide the users with, the price is something that is very much negligible. So, don’t try to download this app from any other websites or third-party stores rather than the iTunes as it may require you to Jailbreak the Apple devices for its installation. It is not a good idea to put the security of your device at risk for such a small amount. Here also the latest version released is the v2.100 which has similar features as in the Android counterpart.

Geometry Dash Game for PC

The enjoyment of the Geometry Dash Game is not limited to the smartphone users only. It can even be played on the desktop computers and laptops as well. It is an Android emulator that can support the users for this purpose. The installation of an emulator can make your computers work in an Android compatible mode where you can install and run any of the Android apps you like. Playing the Geometry Dash Game in the PC can take it up to a next level with the presence of large screen and increased graphical capabilities.

Geometry Dash APK Trailer

Geometry Dash is a game that is designed in such a way that it can entertain people of all age groups. Coming as a premium app, it has the strongest features in it that make the users feel that it is a real value for money game. If played on the PCs, this game can be found to be even more attractive. It is the support of this app for multiple platforms that makes the users select the Geometry Dash Game for their Android as well as Apple devices. This is a game that is recommended for those people who loves to play a fun filled smartphone game with a good musical backgroundm so download Geometry Dash APK files.

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