Titanium TV APK is one most popular and trusted android app which give you guys access to watch all the movies and TV series you want. It is actually very similar to the Terrarium TV in terms of interface. You guys now have the best alternative to the Terrarium TV. There are different types of similar apps that stream movies and TV series but not as good as Titanium TV. This app contains all the movies and TV series in High Definition.

Titanium TV APK

Why Titanium TV APK

If you want to watch all your favorite Tv shows and movies you should download Titanium TV APK. This app will give you access to watch all different types of shows and Movies. Titanium TV has a collection of different movies. The user interface of the Titanium TV APK is very smooth and it is very similar to the Terrarium TV.

Titanium TV APK provides a great smooth interface. the standard of the videos is outstanding.  Titanium TV APK maintains the position to be top on the list. This app is found to be the foremost wide used video streaming app. Titanium TV APK takes a huge effort to stay the users totally happy in each attainable method, whether or not it’s concerning content, quality or user expertise. the simplest and therefore the most unbelievable factor is that a pair of the app that offers of these options for complimentary. All of these features will get completely free.

Titanium TV APK Brief Info

Direct Download Titanium TV APK 2.0.22

Download APK 2.0.19

Features of Titanium TV APK

1) It has a huge database. You will get movies and TV series from different countries and languages. You can get different movies in the format of genres.

2) You can download any movie or TV series to watch it offline.

3) Titanium TV supports all different video players and different video formats.

4) You will get most of the Video content in High Definition and some are in 4k also.

5) You will get subtitles in 20 different languages for each movie or TV series.

6) This app will give you a notification if any episode of any of your favorite TV series added.

7) It also supports Chromecast, DLNA, and similar casting apps so that you can watch all the entertainment on your TV too.

Titanium TV v2.0.22 APK:


  • Fixed Providers.
  • Fixed RD Providers.
  • Minor changes in the overall design.

Titanium TV v2.0.15 APK:


  • Real Debrid Issues are solved.
  • A lot of providers have been fixed and added many more providers.

How To Install Titanium TV APK 2.0.22

1. First, you need to Download the Titanium TV APK from the Download Link.

2. Once you download the app, Go to Settings and Enable Unknown Sources to install the app on your phone.

3. After that, you can install the app.

4. Now the app is installed on your phone Enjoy and watch all your favorite Tv shows and Movies.

Titanium TV APK FAQs

Is Titanium TV Ad-Free?

Yes, it is totally ad-free

Is Titanium TV Apk Safe?

Yes, Titanium TV APK is safe to use.

Can I download movies on Titanium TV APK?

Yes, you can download movies in Titanium TV Apk and watch it offline.

Is Titanium TV Free?

Yes, It’s totally free.

Cinema APK 2.1.6 Latest Version Download For Android

Cinema APK is one of the best entertainment applications to watch after terrarium TV got shut down. The demand for the movie and television shows streaming apps got increased because of the terrarium TV shut down. Cinema APK is a perfect application for Television Shows and Movie organizer, also the replacement for any entertainment application known on the internet as Cinema HD or HDMovies.

After the shut down of terrarium TV, folks begin sorting out the simplest different recreation app. Watch or transfer all the most recent high-quality TV Shows and flicks from your device. It is nearly compatible with any device. liberal to use.

Download Cinema APK Latest Version

Why Cinema APK

If you are actually looking for Cinema APK 2.1.6 latest version? So you came to the right place we provide all the direct links of any app. Cinema Apk is an android app that gives a lot of entertainment stuff like movies and different tv series. There are different platforms present in which you use this Cinema Apk their like PC, Firestick, Android TV Box, it also has features of Real Debrid for users.

Cinema APK Brief Info

Direct Download Cinema APK 2.1.6

Download APK 2.1.6


Features of Cinema APK

100% FREE

No Registration or Subscription is required. 100% Free source. No advertisement popups.
Cinema APK does not need any kind of registration it is 100 percent free.


This app is designed in a basic way that everybody can use it. You can easily get what you want, different types of genres are also available. 

Latest Movies, TV Shows

Daily updates of movies and TV shows for free, you can get any released movie in the Cinema APK also you can have movie details like posters, trailer, date of release, and rating.


You can download any movies or TV shows to watch it later without the internet also. You can save all your favorite stuff and watch them later and make a section out of it.



Cinema Apk gives you the best quality of movies and Tv shows. The Cinema Apk gives you all the quality of videos like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360 pixels resolutions. This app also has a different number of sources present for a single movie or Tv show.


Cinema APK does not have any restrictions for anyone, anyone can watch it from different platforms desktop or laptop, Amazon Fire Stick or Android Box TV.


How To Install Cinema APK 2.1.4

Cinema app is not available on Google Play store, so you have to download APK file from our website, so this installation, first enable to download from unknown sources.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources on Android

  • Go to phone setting, press on security settings
  • Enable Unknown sources


Step 2: Cinema APK File Latest Version Download

  • Download Cinema HD Apk 2.1.4
  • Install the app on the phone and its done.

Cinema APK FAQs

Is Cinema Ad-Free?

No, it contains some ads.

Is Cinema Apk Safe?

Yes, The Cinema Apk is completely safe until now there is no problem comes up. It is Malware free and virus free.

Can I download movies at Cinema APK?

Yes, you can download movies in Cinema Apk and watch it offline.

Is Cinema APK Free?

Yes, It’s totally free.

Phoenix TV APK 1.15 | Download Latest Version For Android

The app in which you can watch all your Tv shows and movies in a single place is the Phoenix TV APK. If you were a user of Terrarium TV or Morpheus TV you will love this app, because Phoenix TV is very similar to them but with some added features. This app will work best for you in terms of the cinema experience. Phoenix TV will provide the top and latest service that is available in the market. Phoenix TV comes with a unique feature that will allow you to watch all your favorite Tv shows and movies in your privacy, just like this Phoenix TV is coming with different types of features in it through updates.

Why Phoenix TV APK

In Phoenix TV APK, you’ll be able to feel a good form of movies and television shows at no cost. The Phoenix TV of this app is solely wonderful. This app guarantees quicker streaming of your favorite video content. it is very simple to have Phoenix TV APK for automaton on your devices. The procedure to urge this app is provided during this article. Download this amazing streaming app to get the best experience in watching your favorite entertainment on your android devices.

Phoenix TV APK Brief Info

Direct Download Phoenix TV APK 13.0

Download APK 3.1.8

How To Install Phoenix TV APK 4.7

  • First Download the app from the link
  • Allow the Unknown Sources to install the app

  • Open the file and install the app
  • Click on Done and Enjoy

Features of Phoenix TVAPK

  • Phoenix TV completely allows you to download any movie or tv show from the app. In the app, you can download the movie and watch it offline even if u do not have any internet connection.
  • Phoenix TV is one of the apps that comes with the largest collection of movies and tv shows that makes it better than most of the entertainment apps which is available for the Android device.
  • The app is totally free, also there is no need to sign up or register in order to get access to watch movies or TV series.
  • Google Chromecast is also supported in the Phoenix TV. You can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows on your Android Tv also.
  • All of the movies and tv shows in the Phoenix Tv are also available in High Definition. All of them are also in  HD quality with accurate sound quality.
  • New video content is introduced each day. You will be notified when a movie or TV show of your taste is uploaded.
  • This app updates on a regular basis with new movies and tv shows.
  • Phoenix TV is very small in size so it does not bother much of your space from your storage device. The user interface is simple and great which you will get to use very easily.


Phoenix TV APK FAQs

Is Phoenix TV TV Ad Free?

No, it contains some ads.

Is Phoenix TV TV Legal?

Yes, this app is legal because it doesn’t host any content on its server, it just provides the links from the internet.

Can I download movies on Phoenix TV TV APK?

Yes, you can download movies in Phoenix TV Apk.

Is Phoenix TV TV Free?

Yes, It’s completely free

TVZion APK 3.8.1 | Download Latest Version For Android

TVZion APK is currently one of the most downloaded Tv series and Movie streaming app. Recently there are a lot of streaming apps are releasing every day. TVZion is getting very popular because of the different features which any other apps do not have. It is said that TVZion almost killed Terrarium TV in terms of features that are the great interface, quick response, and fast stream.

Download TVZion Apk Latest Version

Why TVZion APK

One of the best features of the TVZion is totally free from annoying ads, which means this app does not contain any single add which actually attracts the users to have this app in spite of different other apps.

TVZion comes with a bunch of spectacular options that produce it ought to have a transfer. the fashionable app offers optimum amusement to the users with an intensive media library and a sleek program in order that you’ll navigate around the web site simply. the films and shows area unit classified showing neatness creating it terribly simple to manage your searches.

The contents of the TVZion are totally free and you’ll relish top-quality streaming while not the interruption of ads as TVZion is 100 percent ad-free additionally it’s free of any kind of buffering that will disrupt your viewing. The new update of the app options integration with Real Debrid in order that you transfer the contents directly on your device.

Features of TVZion APK

Clean Home: TVZion has a very simple and neat homepage where you can find all your movies and tv series in different sections such as genres, popular movies, years and may more sections as well.

AutoPlay: TVZion automatically selects the best quality server for you and if you finish an episode of Tv series it will automatically open another episode after finishing the first.

Compatibility: TVZion works with your android device and it is also compatible with Amazon Firestick.

Cached Torrent Streaming: TVZion stream contents from torrents directly without the need for Real Debrid and Premium subscriptions.

Link Filtering: You can select different links in the Tv Zion such as Resolution, bitrate, Ping time, filesize, quality.


TVZion APK 3.8.1 Brief Info

Direct Download TVZion 3.8.1

Download APK 3.8.1


How To Install TVZion APK

  1. First, download the TVZion APK file from the Download link
  2. Then you need to turn on the “Unknown Sources” in your Setting to allow the app to install.

  1. Then open the app from your mobile’s file manager

  1. Open the app and tap on “Install

  1. Once the installation process is complete, you can open the app and enjoy it.


  1. TVZion APK FAQs

    Is TVZion Ad Free?

    Yes, it completed Ad free

    Is TVZion Legal?

    Yes, this app is legal because it doesn’t host any content on its server.

    Can I download movies on TVZion APK?

    Yes, you can download movies in TVZion TV Apk.

    Is TVZion Free?

    Yes, It’s completely free

Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3 Download Latest Version Free

Cyberflix TV APK is one of the best and popular app to watch all your favorite movies and Tv shows. There are two options to watch the movies in the app, either you can watch it online or you can download it and watch it offline. There are different servers present in the app in which you can choose to watch your movie and TV Shows. Cyberflix TV comes with subtitles of almost 15 different languages.

Download Cyberflix TV APK Latest Version

Why Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix TV Apk 3.1.9 is available to download in the Apkpureapp. Cyberflix TV comes with better design, better UI and features. The servers in the app and the video players are now improved. The collection of the movies and tv shows is actually better than any other app in the Cyberflix Tv Apk. The movies and TV Shows that are present in Cyberflix TV are mostly from Hollywood.  Cyberflix update on a regular basis with different types of new movies and tv shows. Cyberflix has a trending where you can find all the popular and new movies to watch.

Like any app, Cyberflix TV additionally scraps the video links that square measure already offered on the web. Cyberflix TV doesn’t host any media files on its servers. The video supply is unknown and they are definitely not safe for your privacy. Don’t panic, a decent VPN can watch out of that for you. IPVanish VPN is very suggested once you square measure streaming movies or TV episodes on free Streaming apps like Cyberflix TV. Cyberflix TV additionally supports the forged options directly from the app. you won’t need to install the other casting app. You can easily cast Cyberflix TV on TV using Chromecast and  Firestick too.

If you want to enhance the fun in Cyberflix TV you can add things that are given below:

  • Choose HD links (1080P)
  • Use a VPN while using the app
  • Watch your movies in MX Player only for a better experience.
  • If inbuilt subtitles are not working you can add an external one.
  • Chromecast it and watch your movie on your Tv screen

Features of Cyberflix TVAPK

  • Different Video Sources
  • The responsive and smooth streaming experience
  • Compatible with External players like MX Player
  • Compatible with fireTV Stick & Android TV Box
  • Inbuilt support for Subtitles
  • ADD Free
  • Simple and User-friendly interface
  • HD & 1080p Video sources
  • Supports Trak.tv & Real Debrid

Cyberflix TV APK Brief Info

Direct Download Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3

Download APK 3.2.3

How To Install Cyberflix TV APK

  1. Download the Cyberflix TV from this website
  2. Open the app


  1. Allow the Unknown Sources from the settings if you have not already.


  1. Install the app

  1. Enjoy and have fun.


Cyberflix TV APK FAQs

Is Cyberflix TV Ad Free?

No, it contains some ads.

Is Cyberflix TV Legal?

Yes, this app is legal because it doesn’t host any content on its server, it just provides the links from the internet.

Can I download movies on Cyberflix TV APK?

Yes, you can download movies on Cyberflix TV Apk.

Is Cyberflix TV Free?

Yes, It’s completely free


This is the best app to watch movies and tv shows on your device. The user interface of the Cyberflix TV is very smooth and simple, for the betterment of the users. You can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows because it has a very great collection on it.

ThopTV APK 20.0 | Download Latest APP for Android

ThopTV APK is said to be one of the best IPTV free applications where you can download and install in Android device. Once the installation process is over, the user can get an opportunity to experience a number of IPTV of television channels on a device. If you are the one who is looking forward to focussing on this application to download and install, then this discussion will be helpful for you to install without any complicatedness. Here we are going to discuss the application along with the installation process.

Download ThopTV APK Latest Version

Why ThopTV APK

One should keep it in mind that ThopTV is said to be one of the best platforms where you can search for movies and TV shows to watch. By using this amazing application, it is easy for users to browse TV channels in huge numbers globally. When it comes to the installation process, it is absolutely free for users. If you are looking for this application to download, then it is important for you to visit the trusted sources as it is named as a third-party app. Yes, it is not available in Google PlayStore to download.

Features of ThopTVAPK

Before going to download and install ThopTV Apk, you can follow the features which are mentioned below.

  • By using this amazing application, you can stream more than 5000 channels.
  •  It has the option to pick the audio language and even change the subtitles as per wish.
  • You can use this app on Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and more.
  • The best thing is where you can search for a huge collection of movies.
  • It is absolutely free for users to download and install.
  • These are the best features where you can experience after the successful installation on your device. Also, you can witness different updated features while accessing this app.

ThopTV APK 20.0 Brief Info

Direct Download ThopTV APK 20.0


How To Install ThopTV APK

Are you looking to download and install ThopTV Apk? Then the below discussed steps will be helpful for you. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping it.

  • First of all download APK from our website
  • Open the file


  • If you are downloading any third-party application for the first time in your phone then you have to Allow the Unknown Sources from the settings.

  • Now, Click on Install

  •  Open the app finally, this application is ready to access that whenever you want to watch different channels on your device.



ThopTV APK 20.0 FAQs

Is ThopTV Ad Free?

No, it is not but ThopTV does not have much adds

Is ThopTV Legal?

No, because this app provides copyrighted content.

Can I download movies on ThopTV APK?

Yes, you can download movies online on ThopTV and you can it offline.

Is ThopTV Free?

Yes,  It’s totally free


After installing this application, you can get an opportunity to browse an unlimited number of movies and TV shows. Here it also has an option to download the movies. With regular updates, you can access this app on your device without any hassles in general. To experience this best thing, all you need to do is installing this app on your device.

AOS TV APK 18.0.6 Latest Version Download Android, Firestick, FireTV

If You want to watch live TV streaming on your phone there is one good for you is AOS TV APK which a lot of people are using currently. AOS TV is a very popular IPTV Android application that can give you a lot more than 1000 live television channels from all different genres like News, Cricket, Football, Entertainment, Movies, Cartoon, Religion, etc.

One of the simplest factor concerning this app you get TV channels from Worldwide. It supports Portuguese channels conjointly we have a tendency to face some error in different apps that not support Portuguese channels however it has some channels that are operating fine.
Download AOS TV APK Latest Version

AOS TV APK 17.3.0 Info

There are different types of IPTV Live streaming app available online, but they come with different types of errors but this app has good quality streaming and working fine.

AOS TV has lots of good features, Just take a look at some few features:

  • More than 1000 TV channels Live Streaming
  • Support different types of countries TV channels like USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Italy, Canada, Portugal, etc.
  • different types of genres, such as Sports, Religion, News, Movies, entertainment, etc supported.
  • AOS TV has Popular Trending Topics such as IPL, Cricket, Tennis, etc.
  • AOS TV compatible with Android supported devices such as Android TV Box, Android Smartphone, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, etc.

Direct Download AOS TV APK

Download APK 18.0.6

How to Install AOS TV application in Android

Follow below instruction to install APK file of AOS TV:

  • Download APK file from our website from Download button
  • If the device says “You are not authorized to install App from Unknown Sources” then go to Settings followed by Security, then turn on Unknown Sources. We have given the instruction of every step to download:

  • Now visit Download Manager if you have and click on APK file or visit File Manager and click on APK section and click on AOS TV APK.

  • Now device app scanning

  • Click on Continue Install button

  • Now click on the Install button

  • Now app installing wait for few seconds

  • Now AOS TV installed, click Done or Open to launch

How to Install AOS TV APK in Amazon Firestick

You can install AOS TV  in Firestick, Fire TV, Android Box, NVIDIA SHIELD with just following simple steps given below:

  • Go to Home Screen and find Settings (Top Left Side) click on it

  • In the Settings section, 2nd menu Device click on it

  • Now you are in Device, click on Developer Options

  • Click on Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Tap on Turn On button

  • Go back to home screen find search box click on it

  • Type Downloader in search box

  • Tap on Downloader app

  • Click on Open in Downloader app

  • Click Allow button

  • Click on OK button

  • Go to Settings in left

  • Enable JavaScript (3rd Option)

  • Click on Browser

  • Click on the bar on top to write

  • Enter exact URL to download AOS TV APK https://bit.ly/2MeLT9l

  • Wait until the download process is complete

  • Click on Install

  • Click on Done

  • Click on Delete

  • Click on Delete again

  • Go back to Home and go to Your Apps & Channels and click See All

  • Scroll down you see AOS TV, move it on top


What devices does it work on?

AOS TV can work with all android supporting devices like Android Smartphone, Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, KODI Android BOX, Android SMART Watch.

What kind of permissions do you need?

Allow only download from Unknown Source.

Does AOS TV install on PC?

YES!, You can install it in Windows PC in BlueStacks or other android emulators such as Nox, Multi MEmu.

Is AOS TV App Virus Free?

YES! AOS TV is virus-free

It’s AOS TV Add Free?

No, this app contains ads in a moderate number.

Is AOS TV free?

Yes, It’s free to use, you don’t need to do any subscription and also doesn’t need registration.


This is one of the most effective IPTV streaming App in gift condition, simply transfer & install it and install it in the AOS TV app. If you have got any questions simply comment on the comment section.


AOS TV is best and amazing app, you get lots of channels completely free.

Price: 00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

Editor's Rating:

Relax TV APK 2.1 Latest Version Download Android, Firestick, FireTV & Nvidia Shield

Relax TV is a live streaming application in which watch different types of channels from all over the world, Relax TV APK will give you access to more than 70000 television premium IPTV to you absolutely free. Relax TV is an application that will give you 70000 different channels at a single place. Relax TV APK have access to different countries’ channels like the United States, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and many more.

New IPTV app Relax TV is free with superb options, you’ll be able to transfer Relax TV APK simply here, Relax TV one in all the foremost common IPTV streaming app, you’ll be able to transfer here APK file directly while no ads. And you get here complete details like installation guide.

Relax TV is best to alternate for Jio TV, or paid apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. These apps conjointly offer TV shows and films however you get freed from price on Relax IPTV.

Download Relax TV APK Latest Version

Features of Relax TV APK

  • Relax TV has More than 70000 channels.
  • It supports video player like VLC Player, Wuffy Media Player, and MX Player.
  • Relax TV provides channels from worldwide like Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Germany, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Brazil, etc.
  • You can run Relax TV on Android SMART TV, Android TV BOX, Android SMART Watch, Android Smart Phone, KODI Android BOX, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube and  Windows PC.
  • Relax TV is completely free.
  • It’s have less advertisement.

Relax TV APK Brief Info

Direct Download Relax TV APK

You can download Relax TV APK directly from the below-given button. You will get Relax TV APK 100% safe and without any modification.

Download APK

How To Install Relax TV in Android Device

In this section, you will learn how to correctly install Relax TV APK

Also check out: Ola TV APK

  • First, you have to download the Relax TV APK from the download button provided above
  • Now, navigate to the Android settings and tap on Security Option and search for the “Unknown Sources” setting. By turning on the Unknown sources, your device will allow this third party application to get downloaded and install the APK without any difficulties.

  • Then open the Relax TV APK file which you just downloaded from your File Manager
  • Click on “Install” and complete the installation process.

How To Install Relax TV on Firestick

Relax TV works on Firestick, in this section, you will learn how to install Relax TV in Firestick

1. From the Main Menu go to hover over Settings

2. Then Click Device

3. Select Developer Options

4. Click Apps from Unknown Sources

5. Choose Turn On

6. Return to the home screen and find the Search icon

7. Type in Downloader

8. Select the Downloader app

10. Click Open

11. Click Allow

12. Click OK

13. Type the following URL as it is listed here and click Go https://apkpureapp.com/download/relax-tv-2-1/

14. Wait for the file download to finish

15. Click on Install

16. Click on Done

17. Click on Delete

18. Click on Delete again

19. Go to Home and check to See All

20. You see Relax TV at the bottom, move to the top

21. After launching you get first 1-minute ad.

F.A.Qs On Relax IPTV APK

Is Relax TV Free?

Yes Offcourse, Relax TV is all free for all the channels you can watch without any subscriptions.

Is Relax TV contain ads?

Yes, it contains ads.

Can We use Relax TV in Windows or IOS?

You can use Relax TV in Windows but not directly in Macbook, you can use it by using Android Emulator such as Bluestack or Nox Player in Macbook.

Is Relax TV legal?

No, as Relax TV provides proprietary material it’s not legal. it’s powerfully suggested to use VPN.

OLA TV APK 7.0 Latest Version Download Android, Firestick, FireTV & Nvidia Shield

OLA TV is one of the most popular television channel streaming apps, developed by IPTV Droid, which provides more than 50000 channels, OLA TV APK is a free android IPTV application which is providing high-quality television channels from Worldwide.

In this, you can choose different video players like Wuffy, XMTV, MX Player and LocalCast.

OLA TV also has features to change servers, if you faced downtime you can choose a fast and working server for live streaming.

Download OLA TV APK Latest Verision

What is OLA TV

OLA TV is an Android application for television streaming developed by IPTV Droid, who also developed lots of other apps like Cobra TV, Dream TV. OLA TV APK going to updated it’s latest version 4.0 which has more than 50000 television channels previous version support 23000 channels.

OLA TV has IPTV links gather from webs to provide live streaming.

TV Streaming apps is not legal that’s why developer not releasing apps on Google Play Store, but IPTV Droid has own website where they released all applications.

OLA TV APK Features

These are some useful features:

  • OLA TV has more than 50000 Live TV channels
  • It provides the ability to choose your video players such as Wuffy, XMTV, MX Player, and LocalCast.
  • OLA TV has many categories such as Countries, Language, Genre, etc
  • You can also change the server of your own choice.
  • It also works on Amazon Firestick, Android TV, FireTV, etc
  • OLA TV is completely free, you don’t have to pay any single penny.

OLA TV Version Info

Last Updated Sep 10, 2019
Size 9.3 MB
Version 7.0
Category Entertainment

Direct Download OLA TV APK 7.0

Download the latest version OLA TV app directly. The APK file is free from viruses and malware and it’s official, not modified.

OLA TV 7.0

Download APK 7.0

How To Install OLA TV in Android Device

  • Download APK file from this site
  • Go to Setting, click on Security and allow Unknown Sources.

  • Then go to file manager and navigate APK file and tap on Install.
  • After Installation click the “Done” button and enjoy streaming.

How To Install OLA TV in Windows/Mac

  • Download Android Emulator like BlueStacks, Android Studio’s Emulator
  • Allow “Unknown Sources” to install from Setting and Security
  • Download APK file from this link https://apkpureapp.com/download/92
  • Install the APK file in the emulator
  • After installation click on done and you will get OLA TV shortcut on Homepage, open it and enjoy.

How To Install OLA TV 7.0 on Firestick

OLA TV works on Amazon Fire, Firestick/Fire TV & Nvidia Shield also, Installing process are:

1. Go to Main Menu, Tap on Setting

2. Then Tap on Device

3. Tap on Developer Options

4. On Unknown Sources, for installing OLA TV

5. Tap on “Turn On

6. Return to the home screen and hover over the Search icon

7. Type “Downloader”

8. Select the Downloader app

10. Click on Open

11. Tap on “Allow”

12. Click OK

13. Enter the following URL https://apkpureapp.com/download/ola-tv-7-0/

14. Wait for the file download to finish

Tap on Install and complete the installation process. After completion of the installation process, you can use find OLA TV on the main menu.


Is OLA TV Legal?

No, According to law, any streaming service, which is not authorized to distribute not legal. OLA TV provides live streaming of television channels that’s why it’s illegal. We advise you to use a VPN to hide your IP.

Is OLA TV ad free?

No, OLA TV APK contains Ads.

Is OLA TV free?

Yes, OLA TV is absolutely free to use and there are no subscription charges

OLA TV doesn’t work?

Some times servers are not working, but we have other servers, we can choose the best server to watch.

Is OLA TV Available for iOS or Mac/Windows?

Currently, OLA TV works only on Android, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, FireTV. But for Windows use Android Emulator.

Final Words:

So this is complete information about OLA TV App, I hope you like it, so watch your favorite television channel live.

GBWhatsApp DELTA APK 2.3.2 Download Latest Version

We all know GBWhatsApp and WAMOD, but you aware of GBWhatsApp DELTA? Okay, let me explain to you about this app. GBWhatsApp DELTA APK is modified by WAMOD, it has features of both popular mod app GBWhatsApp and WAMOD, with the single app you get more features that have GBWa and WAMOD. This app many settings which leads you to customize this appearance of Home (chat, call, contacts row, and others) Messages (bubble, message colors text, wallpaper, and more, Widgets and much more.

If you are really a fan of mod application especially Whatsapp mods, then you like GBWhatsApp DELTA, and will never use any other Whatsapp MOD.


What is GBWhatsapp Delta APK?

GBWhatsApp DELTA has been modified by WAMOD developer “Deltalabs Studio, which is currently developing and modifying lots of amazing android applications like WAMOD. You can check their projects in Playstore.

Google doesn’t allow modified apps in Playstore, that’s why they didn’t release this project in the play store, released GB Whatsapp Delta on the public domain, you can download GBWhatsApp DELTA 1.1.1 on our website ApkPureApp.

Version Info

Name GBWhatsApp DELTA
Version 2.3.2
Last Updated December 23, 2018
Size 33 MB
Based on 2.18.327

GBWhatsapp Delta APK Features

GBWhatsApp DELTA is released now with 1.1.1 version and following features


GBWhatsApp DELTA have amazing features to private your account like hiding or show notification blocked calls, other privacy’s features are:

  • Hide online status
  • Blue Tick (Show/Hide)
  • Double Tick (Show/Hide)
  • Typing Notification (Show/Hide)
  • Recording Notification (Show/Hide)

Blocking Calls

You can block calls to anyone, you can choose calls from a selected person.

This option allows you to block calls with or without showing ringing to the opposite person.


You can change the theme of GBWhatsapp DELTA, currently have four themes Light, Dark, Transparent and Custom theme, you can choose any theme which you like most or you can change and use every theme to avoid boring.

I liked the Transparent theme which is inspired by Royal Whatsapp by Sam.

One of the main features under the theme is you can toggle back to the default white look when you want

Custom Display Features

GBWhatsapp DELTA has features to change your theme color, it has a main color and accent colors.

Other Main Features

  • Stickers – Good number of Stickers are available you can use all which you want
  • No More Forward Tag – You can forward any messages, images, audio, and video from any of your contacts without forwarding tag.
  • Swipe to reply
  • Group calls enabled in the latest version.
  • Increased forward limit for Indian users. So, you can spam that much you want.
  • Languages supported – Hindi, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Lock – Enable it with the password
  • Clean All WhatsApp files from the device.
  • Choose the Launcher icon from different styled 35 icons.
  • Backup Data
  • Video Player – Use any third-party video player. such as MX Player, VLC Player
  • 50MB is the Video Limit
  • 100MB is the Audio Limit
  • Send the original image without compressing.
  • Set 7 Minutes video for Status – Only GB App users can see the full-length video.
  • Fonts – Change Font of the GB DELTA Application (30 Fonts are available as of now)
  • Auto Reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • DND (Do not disturb) Mode
  • Privacy settings – All
  • Anti revoke Option


  • Long tap on the ‘camera icon’ to set status.
  • Long tap on ‘Attachment icon’ to open the BOM chat.
  • Long tap on ‘Chats icon’ from the bottom of the home to open normal view.

Download GBWhatsapp Delta APK Latest version

Download APK

How to Install GBWhatsapp Delta in Android Device

Always take back of your official Whatsapp before installing modified Whatsapp

Step 1. Uninstall the Official WhatsApp

Step 2. Download GBWhatsApp DELTA APK from our Page

Step 3. Tap on it and Install it on your android device.

Step 4. Open the app and sign in with your mobile number. That’s It.

Now, Change the setting as per your need and make it more usable.

GBWhatsapp Delta FAQs

Does GBWhatsapp Delta collect data from you?

No, We don’t collect any type of data from the app user.

Is GB WhatsApp Delta legal to use?

A modified version of application not legal, Whatsapp doesn’t allow the modified version because of the privacy reason. However, this mod is ban proof and you will always get the update.

What if your account banned?

As it is not the official app and Whatsapp can ban your account. The developer just do some modification in Official Whatsapp, so the developer is not responsible for the ban or any other restriction, we advise you use a secondary number for rather than a personal account.

Does GBWhatsapp Delta is the same as GBWhatsapp?

In terms of features, it is the same but GBWhatsapp Delta, and it’s a combination of GBWhatsapp and WAMOD, provides more customization options as compared to GBWhatsapp.

Is it possible to hack GBWhatsApp DELTA?

Both Whatsapp and GBWhatsApp DETLA have the same server to send and receive messages, so it’s not possible to hack.